• Poems Sock Yarn!

    Now available at our store in Eugene, new Poems Sock yarn! $18 each for 459 yards. 75% superwash with 20% nylon. These can make a beautiful shawl!
  • Starry Starry Night

    Take a look at this beautiful shawl pattern! Made with La Habana 100% silk yarn, hand-dyed yarn.
  • Saki Bamboo

    Just in! New Saki Bamboo yarn available at our Eugene store. Take a look at those colors! $17 for 462 yards. 50% superwash merino, 25% rayon, and 25% nylon. You won't believe the sheen of this yarn.
  • Fiber Batts

    Craving some color? Take a look at our hand-crafted fiber batts, made with merino, silk, alpaca and more. Shown here is Lusty Lilac.
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The colors in each picture are representative of the hand coloring we do; however, the yarns are painted in limited quantities and the colors are unique to each 'batch.' Please note all yarns are available undyed. Contact us for colors, availability, and ordering. 

A selection of our hand dyed yarns can be purchased online, please visit our Hand Dyed Yarn Shop>

B-Atlanta1 B-Atlanta2Atlanta, $17

87% Cotton / 10% Poly / 3% Rayon; Bulky weight

~375 yards/skein; ~750 yards per pound

Gauge: 3.75 stitches/inch; Needle #7


B-BigHunk1Big Hunk, $23

100% Fine Wool; Bulky weight

~150 yards/skein; ~300 yards per pound

Gauge: 2 stitches/inch; Needle #15-19


B-Chicago3 B-Chicago1 B-Chicago2Chicago, $22

gin-left: 60px;">100% Merino - machine washable; Bulky weight

~210 yards/skein; ~425 yards per pound

Gauge: 2.5-3 stitches/inch; Needle #10-15


B-Denver1 B-Denver2Denver, $22

100% Fine Wool - thick/thin; Bulky weight

~250 yards/skein; ~500 yards per pound

Gauge: 2.75 stitches/inch; Needle #10.5


B-Geysir1 B-Geysir2Geysir, $24

100% Merino Wool; Bulky weight

~240 yards/skein; ~500 yards per pound

Gauge: 2-3.5 stitches/inch; Needle #10-17


B-Mamina1Mamina, $28

100% Organic Merino Wool; Bulky weight

~300 yards/skein; ~610 yards per pound

Gauge: 3.25 stitches/inch; Needle #10.5


B-Monsoon1 B-Monsoon2 B-Monsoon3Monsoon, $17

100% Virgin Wool; Very Bulky weight, thick/thin

~125 yards/skein

Gauge: 1.5 stitches/inch; Needle #17


B-Seattle2 B-Seattle1 B-Seattle3 B-Seattle4Seattle, $21 - close out, all stock 1/2 off

74% Cotton / 26% Rayon; Bulky weight

~150 yards/skein; ~300 yards per pound

Gauge: 2.5-3 stitches/inch; Needle #10.5


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